Message from the Publisher

PublisherDear Partners in Bliss,

Thank you so much for embracing this publication. We are now going into our third issue, “Jumping into Fear”… something everyone knows something about, but many don’t want to face. Well, let’s go there: all of us are scared of something. Crap, I’m scared all the time. I’m scared of people seeing me, judging me, of doing the right thing, of being not liked or of not pleasing people. I can say that at least once a day, something scares me. I will even admit to having lived with anxiety for most of my life! So there, it’s out there… and is the world going to come down around my ears? No. What is going to happen is that I will feel less afraid of being “found out” or being judged. See what I
do when something scares me is… just do it. Whether it’s the fear of public speaking (yes, it terrifies me), the fear of driving over bridges or tunnels (which I had to face last summer), or my fear of heights (which I conquered by skydiving) –and yes, I almost fainted on the way down.

What I do when I’m afraid is this -I jump into it. I believe that nothing can control or paralyze you. Let your fear be your catalyst.

People who make history aren’t the ones that don’t have fear, but are the ones who say, “You know what? Here is what I feel, but to hell with it, I’m going to try anyway.” Usually, you’ll find that the boggeyman in the dark closet is just a shadow, once you open the door. In the same vein, what would life be, if we didn’t face things head on?

How exciting would it be if everything were easy.. I mean, imagine it… there would be nothing to overcome. So, instead of being afraid of fear, instead of shrinking from the things you hide away in your mind, heart and soul, make a list and tackle them one by one. Look at the scary things as simply an episode in the grand play and look forward to celebrating your success after you’ve climbed the small hills and high mountains.

Last, but most of all, I believe that a challenge can be a gift – one that strengthens you, and in some sense forces you to reach deep in and find your personal power in a place that you thought didn’t exist. Sometimes I think that maybe, just maybe, challenges are life’s ways of connecting us with others through empathy, and preparing us to be a gift and share our
“testimony” with someone else going through a similar gift.

I know that every time something scares me, I shake my fist in its face and say, “let’s go.” Let’s do this… and I jump…and when I arrive at that new place of perspective, I find myself ready for new experience, as I’ve shed some of what was holding me back, and I metamorphose even more into the being I was born to become. So, will you join me? Let’s jump. Let’s do this. I’ll see you on the other side.

Letter from Our Publisher,
Maimah Karmo

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