Experts Share How to Lead “Out of the Box” at the Upcoming SOAR Summit

By nature, most entrepreneurs are “out of the box” thinkers who launch their businesses to offer an innovative service or product offering. As we foray into the business world, we find ourselves focused on managing the business, with less time to be creative, and play… the very thing that sparked our entrepreneurship in the first place! So, how does one continue to innovate, conjure up new ideas, and keep staff excited and engaged, while maintaining the business structure.

We are just a few days away from the Soar Community Summit and are excited to share tips with you from some of the powerful speakers, who will be at the conference, speaking about just this topic. Bliss Magazine got a chance to connect with Josh Silverstone of Aces Raise, Julie Jakopic of iLead Strategies, and Jane Lovas of Lovas Consulting about how to lead by being uniquely you and doing it “Out of the Box”.

Josh_OOTBJosh, Founder and CEO of Pokerpreneur, shares tips on how to shake up our routine and spark creativity:

  • Tip 1: Have A Brainstorming Session. Sometimes we feel like we’ve done everything we can to solve a problem. The truth is, we’ve done everything we can think of on our own. By seeking advice and counsel of others, we’re able to gain additional ideas and perspectives that may offer a new solution.
  • Tip 2: Learn Something New. Everything we do and experience offers lessons that apply to other areas of our life. For example, playing sports teaches us about being part of a team as well as the benefits of hard work. Studying a subject outside of your area of expertise helps you see your situation differently.
  • Tip 3: Break Your Normal Routine. Often we get caught up in the grind and drift into autopilot. Our thoughts and actions become habitual, so making a clear decision to break that pattern can open you up for new insights. This doesn’t need to be a major thing, it can simply be changing around your schedule.
Julie J
Julie Jakopic

Julie Jakopic of iLead Strategies, suggests these:

  • Tip ​1: ​ Be outside on purpose. Take a clear stand to be outside the box, in order to understand what you can do better from outside the box and why it’s worth it.
  • Tip ​2: ​ Clarity is king. It’s important to be clear about what you want and where YOU want to go in order to pursue not what you think others want, but what you really want.
  • Tip ​3: ​ Engage others. People are used to boxes. If you are going to lead and play outside it, you need to help people understand where you are, where you are headed, and how they fit in. ​

Jane Lovas, of Lovas Consulting shares tips on how to shift your mindset to stay creative:

  • Jane LovasTip 1: Observe. When you hear yourself saying “I’ve always done it this way.” You’re in a box of your own making.
  • Tip 2: Listen. The more you listen the further out of the box you can go.
  • Tip 3: Act. Make a list of the thoughts and ideas hanging around in your head, then make room for new ideas.

Attend the SOAR Community Network Summit on May 6th and learn more about how to lead out of the box! The summit will be held at the Embassy Suites, 19000 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, Virginia. Tickets are available at www.soarcommunitynetwork.com. The SOAR Community Network is led by Mali Phonpadith. Learn more about Mali here.

Bliss Magazine is a proud sponsor of the SOAR Community Summit. For advertising opportunities or to suggest a story, email editor@blissmagazine.net.

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