How to Win Over & Keep Customers

How to Win Over & Keep Customers

Several factors come into play in terms of a company’s long term sustainability. Innovation, operational strength, strong mission focus, vision, image, marketing, a strong team, and most of all great customer service. We are just a few days away from the Soar Community Summit and are excited to share tips with you from entrepreneurs who will be at the conference, speaking about just this topic. Bliss Magazine connected with Akia G. Ashmond Brew, Director of Marketing at the International Economic Development Council, Tony Marciante​, Entrepreneur/Chef/Restaurateur​ and Owner of Chef Tony’s Fresh Seafood and Michael Bare, President of BARE International about “How to Win Over & Keep Customers.

AkiaAkia shares some tips on how to keep customers. Follow her on Twitter @akiagarnett for more!

  • Tip 1: Maintain a sterling reputation – your reputation always proceeds you in business. Treating your customers well gives you plenty of testimonials based on truth.
  • Tip 2: Visit with your customers – Check in with your customers to review services and ask them how you can help them have greater success. It’s not enough to ask occasionally how you are performing . Having times scheduled gives them time to compile actionable advice you can use to increase satisfaction. While you’re there, drop off a thank you card, or a gift as a leave behind.
  • Tip 3: Double-check your invoicing – before you send bills, let customers know they can expect an invoice in the coming days and that they should let you know if the format in which you submitted the bill is correct. While your contract says when you can bill, remember that everything is about customer satisfaction. Be sure that when they pay their bill they see the value you’ve provided. Sending monthly summaries of services provided is one way to let the customer know that you are tracking their experience with you as a vendor.

Chef TonyHere are Chef Tony’s ways to keep customers happy:

  • Tip 1:  Be genuine with everyone around you. Fake sucks.​
  • Tip 2: Remember WHY you do what you do, stay excited, excitement wins over people.​
  • Tip 3: ​Treat everyone as if they were your Grandmother – you wouldn’t do anything but EVERYTHING your Grandmother would need. This will win over pretty much everyone.

an expert in Global Customer Experience Research offers these suggestions:

  • Tip 1: ASK questions of and LISTEN to what customer facing employees have to say (about their pain points and challenges)
  • Michael BareTip 2: Share customer input in a positive way, reinforce success and discuss challenges
  • Tip 3: Be genuine in thanking customers for their business.
  • Tip 4: Be specific when asking about customer satisfaction (NOT – was everything alright?)

Attend the SOAR Community Network Summit on May 6th and learn more about how to lead out of the box! The summit will be held at the Embassy Suites, 19000 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, Virginia. Tickets are available at www.soarcommunitynetwork.com. The SOAR Community Network is led by Mali Phonpadith. Learn more about Mali here.

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