Six Expert Tips on How Legacy Driven Leaders Maintain Mindfulness

Six Expert Tips on How Legacy Driven Leaders Maintain Mindfulness

We are just a few days away from the Soar Community Summit and are excited to share tips with you from some of the powerful speakers, who will be at the conference. One of the things many leaders struggle with is maintaining mindfulness, balance and decreasing stress, while managing multiple priorities during the day. If you’re a dynamic leader, who is driven, passionate and wondering why you took the “I Want to Be an Entrepreneur Crazy Pills,” this article is written for you. Stay the course… a lot of entrepreneurs face the same challenges of having a busy schedule, while trying to maintain mindfulness. Bliss Magazine got a chance to connect with Constance Ayuago and Coach Lowell Nerenberg, who will be speaking about “How Legacy Driven Leaders Maintain Mindfulness.”

Here are some mindful tips from Constance:

  • Tip 1: Begin each day with a gratitude that supports your mindfulness objective and an affirmation about your objective.
  • Tip 2: Plan mindful moments, while eating or drinking or walking or simply resting and breathing through your mindfulness objective. Syncing your mindfulness with life giving activities in your day creates positive connections that support new habit building.
  • Tip 3: End each day with an appreciation moment for progress or wins from your day.
Coach Lowell
Coach Lowell

Coach Lowell Nerenberg, a Leadership, Management & Team Coach, suggests these:

  • Tip 1: Notice your experience of the present moment.
  • Tip 2: Deliberately focus your attention on your intended result or purpose.
  • Tip 3: Follow your intuition towards your purpose.

Attend the SOAR Community Network Summit on May 6th and learn more about how to lead mindfully. The summit will be held at the Embassy Suites, 19000 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, Virginia. Tickets are available at www.soarcommunitynetwork.com. To learn more about Constance Aguayo, and The Aguayo Group, LLC visit www.theaguayogroup.us Visit www.CoachLowell.com to learn about Coach Lowell.

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