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By: Tony Marciante

BoldFaith “My friend, please pray for me. I had a biopsy this morning, there’s a highly suspicious mass. I’m okay but feeling a little overwhelmed right now.”

That’s the message I sent to my friend, Rev. Romal Tune almost a year ago and here was his reply:

“I will definitely be praying for you. I already know that all will be well. I sense that. Be encouraged, Heather. Positive thoughts and confidence. Do not worry. Rejoice in The Lord always. Give God thanks now for the victory you want and anticipate. Bold faith.”

Bold Faith.  The second I heard that phrase, it took root in my soul and has been my mantra ever since.

While awaiting the biopsy results there was nothing, medically, I could do. I talked to my close friends and family, I prayed, I walked in the woods, and I visualized healing.  I pictured myself as light, with a dark spot where the tumor was growing.  I imagined my light overwhelming the mass; I pictured healthy cells blanketing the mutated cells and snuffing them out.  During one of these visualizations it occurred to me that these are just cells.  This is just a body. Even if the cancer killed all of my healthy cells, it could never get to the essence of *me*.  My light is my light regardless of what happens to my cells.

When I realized that, I had an a-ha moment and made a spiritual link between what was happening to me now and everything I’ve learned about God in 41 years. God reaches out to us constantly, even in our brokenness.  Cancer can’t get to the essence of who I am, but God’s love and grace can.  I started to picture God reaching out to me and peeling back this shell of a body to reveal my true self. That night, I had a brainstorm… I wanted to have my body painted with this idea of God reaching out to me, revealing my Spirit, and me responding with love, gratitude, and Bold Faith.

I immediately thought of artist Maggie Spaloss and photographer Jenn Alcantara as the visionaries that could capture what I was feeling.  Remarkably, not only did both of these busy moms immediately respond with full support, we were in the studio just four days after the initial idea.  I sent them a description of my thoughts with the primary theme being Bold Faith.  I met with Maggie once prior to the shoot to talk about how to actually execute this image in my head.  Somehow, she was able to take those ideas and turn it into something more beautiful than I was ever able to imagine.

God’s funny, we think we’re going one way, then bloop, we’re headed somewhere entirely different. I don’t know what lies ahead for me.  But, I do know that God has shown me time and time again, that if I just stop trying to steer from the passenger’s seat, life is a beautiful, exciting and unexpected ride.  Now, I’m going to take a deep breath, let go of the wheel, and live.

By: Jm Phillips


There is a large, and for the most part, unaddressed issue of starvation around the globe. Not the starvation that might immediately come to mind of those who have little or no food, (certainly this is an issue that needs more attention) but the hunger the world has for more and more of us to step into our own magnificence and thereby serve as a demonstration to others of what life has to offer.

How often have you been inspired to do something that felt so good, so truthful, but you did not follow through because of the fear of what others might say, think or do as a result of your taking action on this inspiration?

How often do we subordinate our truth to the disempowering limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, therefore denying ourselves and the world the blessing and experience of our magnificence?

These decisions to place more value on the opinions of others, the few, than on our own isn’t done consciously because we believe that who we are or what we might do is wrong. It is done because we don’t trust who we know ourselves to be and therefore come to rely on the opinions of others.

Why do you think you are given these deep heart-felt inspirations? Where do they originate? Are inspirations given to you as some kind of cruel joke by an unkind, unloving Universe to get you excited and then disappointed when you conclude you can’t possible carry out them out?

Or are your inspirations given to you as a gift from the kindest, most loving presence so you can experience and express your Self, your magnificence, in the grandest ways possible?

A question I ask myself regularly is why I give other people, the few, authority over me? What do they know of me and who I truly am? What do they know of my desires and inspirations that they can tell me what is in my best interest? What is it that I fear so deeply that I deny my Self and therefore the world, the truth and gift of who I am?

Quite honestly, what others say or think about us has nothing to do with who we are or what we are capable of experiencing, unless we allow it to. Meaning, we give power to that which we hold as true. It is from our truth, that which we accept and hold as true, that we make decisions to do or not do something, or be or not be a certain way.

What I have come to understand and believe is that my fear is not the fear of what might others might say or do, it is the fear of my magnificence and how that would play out in this world. It is my knowing on a very deep level that I, all of us, are more powerful than we give ourselves permission to be.

By succumbing to my fears and feeding the few I starve the many, thus denying the world the greatest gift any of us has to offer: the truth of who we truly are. And as we live in our truth, in full expression of who we are, we serve as an example to all others of who they are and of what they are capable.

So I ask you, are you feeding the few and starving the many? Are you denying your Self and the world the full experience and expression of your magnificence? Are you afraid of how powerful you truly are?

The inspirations you are given are notification from the Universe that the time is now to step fully and completely into your magnificence, otherwise you would not have been given the inspiration to do so.

So, next time you have that inspiration to do something that feels truthful, be bold and answer the call of your Soul and the Universe and take that joyful leap of faith out of your fears and into your magnificence.

And those few who have been mentioned? Well the likelihood is that when you take that step into your magnificence, they become one of the many.

By: Zurriane Bennett


I wrote Positive Self Defense for Women, PSD-W as a way to give women a better understanding of their abilities and capabilities to protect themselves and the people they care about from harm. Women are truly powerful beyond measure. This is a fact.

PSD-W can help achieve this goal. After over 10 years of teaching women’s self-defense for a non-profit organization, I came to the realization that reactive self-defense was not the answer. No woman should live in fear. PSD-W focuses on mindset, awareness and then the physical response.

The awakening for me came when I was entered a room with approximately 40 women who had signed up for a self-defense class. We asked the participants to share their stories and one woman suddenly started to scream and physically cower as she spoke about past attacks and assaults. It became clear to me then that attacks on women were as old as history. As a woman, you can only rely and count on yourself when help is needed.

Anjelica was one of my students. She had taken a number of self–defense classes and had read my book, which helped her handle an unexpected situation. She and a male friend were standing by a locker on the last day of high school. Another young man ran up and sucker-punched her friend, knocking him to the ground in an unprovoked attack. He then turned to Anjelica and reached out to her in an aggressive manner. He picked on the wrong person. Anjelica blocked, punched him twice and then kicked him in the stomach, dropping him to the ground.

There was a local police officer in the school when the altercation took place and I met with him a few days later. He took great delight in telling me the story, saying he had never seen anything like that in his life.

In short the young man was arrested for assault. At the time, Anjelica weighed less than 100 pounds and was just shy of five feet tall. Her attacker’s weight was about 175 pounds and he stood approximately 5’10 to 5’11.

I am not a proponent or advocate of being aggressive and looking for a fight. I always advise that if you can, walk away or escape. However, if you find it necessary to defend yourself, have the tools and knowledge you need. Take a proactive stand and take life seriously.

The problem is that most men are unaware of what women deal with on a day-to-day basis. They are not the ones that are ogled and harassed. They are not the ones consistently seen as the weaker sex. Men are raised differently. Yes, the world is always changing, but the basics have not. As women, you are far stronger than you realize. Equip yourself with both the skills and the knowledge.

By: Debbie Schaffer

holisticImagine walking into your home (or maybe you’re there now). Do you feel comfortable and happy? Or are you restless and at a loss? Is your space your sanctuary? Or do you feel that something is missing? We’re all familiar with the term “holistic” as it is applied in a health context – as a way to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit. But did you know that this same approach can be applied to our homes and what better place to practice a holistic approach to living than in our homes.

As a designer, I study each client and home from a holistic perspective. I can’t “decorate” a room without looking at the people who live there, how they live, what their energy is like, what their goals are, and how they want to FEEL when they are home. It is so important to understand the “whole” of my clients and their spaces so that I can bring them into balance with each other. Our homes are more than just the address where we live; they are energy that can be designed to support us… mind, body, and spirit.

Through my “holistic design approach,” I incorporate techniques that can have profound effects on my clients and their homes, including Feng shui, space clearing and use of essential oil sprays.

Most people are aware of Feng shui, the ancient practice of using energy to bring a balance. Feng shui techniques can be applied to a whole house, a single room, or even a desktop or the garden. As an advanced practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui™, I help my clients discover how their “inner worlds” are reflected in their “outer worlds.” We identify areas of their lives that they would like to enhance, and then work to balance the energy in the corresponding areas of their home. For example, if a client wanted to bring a new romantic partner into her life, we would focus on the topmost right corner of her home. I might suggest making sure the bed is big enough for two people, having a night table on EACH side of the bed (with equal lighting on each), and bringing in pairs of pillows – all of which represent TWO people in a relationship.

Energetic space clearing is another technique I love to use. We all know what it’s like to walk into a space and realize that an argument just occurred. What we’re doing is sensing the residual energy left by the people involved. “Space clearing” (a term coined by the amazing Denise Linn) removes old, stuck, stagnant, or unsupportive energy from a space and sets the intention for new supportive energy. I recommend a space clearing after you’ve recovered from an illness, to remove the “leftovers” from an old relationship, to enhance the energy of a new season, or especially when moving into a home. Think of it as throwing open the windows on that first warm spring day! I use bells, sage, crystals and/or essential oils, depending on what the space “needs.” And make no mistake, rooms DO communicate! I’ve cleared single rooms, entire homes and even yoga studios.

Speaking of essential oils, this powerful arsenal is a key component in my toolbox. Essential oils have been used for centuries to “treat” various physical issues. But did you know that essential oils have spiritual and emotional properties, too? Connecting with someone’s angels or guides will help me determine and create unique and personalized essential oils sprays in order to help bring them or their home into spiritual and emotional balance.

The relationship you have with your home is a two-way street. How you feel on the inside will be reflected in the way your home looks. But the reverse is equally true. If you think of your home as energy, and you treat it with grace and kindness, it will reward you with a renewed sense of balance, happiness and support.

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