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Murder in the British Virgin Islands? Stay Tuned… EPISODE ONE

By Tracey Parent

What’s a girl to do when she is literally tapped-the-f*ck-out, on empty, drained of every last bit of love, energy, effort and give of any kind? She finds a boat to sail her around islands aimlessly for a week. With strangers who can't possibly NEED a thing from her. Which is...

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It Took Me 22 Years to Find My Worth

By Patricia Seidel

Seidel, TrishLeaving home wasn’t hard. I would miss them, but I wasn’t sorry to leave my family or friends, I wasn’t scared of the future, I was simply focused on my goal, my dream. I had been watching everyone around change...

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Love hurts

By Davine Ker

I grew up believing that love hurts.

It took me a long time to understand my values. And my values involved learning how to please my future husband. I remember being twelve and in training: I studied how to...

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