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So here . . . I am a failure

by Christine Haynes

I’m a failure and I am totally OK with that!  No really, I am. I wasn’t at first but now… I have come to terms with the fact that I’m…a failure.

These things happen and it’s nothing to be...

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How I Won The Lottery

MBurmeisterby Misti Burmeister

Imagine the power inherent in knowing how to cash in on the value of your life experiences. While I did buy a lottery ticket ($1.5 billion—who wouldn’t), the greatest winnings I’ve accumulated have little to do with paper (tickets or...

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Trends for Less!

By Greta Davies

FullSizeRender 2Fringe has been named a huge trend for the Fall and Winter. When it comes to all these trends, I don't like to spend money. What's the point!? You'll only want to use it for awhile, then move on...

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Wars in our World

By: Amanda Sullivan-Samuel

Peace for ParisOn most normal weeks, I write the column “Around the Table.” My subject is always food, what I’m serving, what’s going on in my life and finally ends with a recipe. This week I feel different....

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