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Are You Misinterpreting His Feelings? The Three Things You Should Know About Loving Your Guy

By: Jessica McCann

misinterpreting_feelingsI remember in high school the very distinct feeling that I would never understand men. The boys I had dated long-term in both high school and college sent me such conflicting messages that I truly believed men simply didn’t have emotions. Not like women did, anyway. After all, how can you tell someone you love them one day, and then blow them off to party with your friends the next? It seemed like I was always waiting to hear how the guy felt, what he thought, and where he decided our relationship was going. Everything was on the guys’ terms because I cared too much and wanted to work through anything, while they took their time mulling over the pros and cons of being with me. It was frustrating, demoralizing, and exhausting. I remember thinking, “How in the world can I sustain a relationship with any man if they aren’t as emotionally invested as I am?!”

Luckily, after I graduated college, I met and dated a man that showed me that not all men are cut from the same cloth. He was sweet, fun, and the first real relationship I’d ever had. Thanks to him, my previous stance on men being void of emotion completely changed. I realized there would be men in the world that would match my emotional investment, and I learned a few very key insights that helped me continue through the dating world to end up happily married to my wonderful husband today. Had my mentality not changed on this, I might still be dating in circles right now.

Here is what I want to pass on to women who feel as I did back then.

  1. Men need reassurance. I realize now, looking back, that I never really gave any love to my high school boyfriend. I was raised to believe that men needed to treat me with respect. I was told they were lucky to be with me, that I needed to keep them in pursuit. In essence, I just had to “be” in the relationship to make the guy happy and my job ended there. My poor boyfriend brought me flowers, wrote me love notes, and met me after every class. What did I do for him? Complained if he had to stay late at practice or decided to eat lunch with his friends one day out of the week. Sadly, it didn’t dawn on me until later in life that my job wasn’t just receiving love from a guy, it was to give love to him too. That includes positive affirmations of my feelings, which I never gave anyone because it was drilled into my head that I was to keep men in hot pursuit at all times. But at some point, the chase has to end for the relationship to really begin.
  2. Not all men are created equal. Yes, there are guys out there that are jerks, players, or narcissists, and they do not know how to be in a relationship with anyone. But there are also men that are kind, loving, and supportive, yet still strong and masculine. I went into many of my early relationships expecting to be let down and hurt because of the guys I dated before. However, assuming the worst made me defensive and suspicious. In other words, a real joy to be around! I spent a lot of time overreacting to situations that warranted no reaction at all because I assumed all men were the same. If one had wronged me in the past, it was only a matter of time before the current one would too. Letting go of the “all men are the same” mantra was one of the biggest feats my younger self ever accomplished, and it was a feat that changed the course of all my relationships going forward.
  3. I could take the lead sometimes. I remember thinking that whoever I was with was not only less emotional, but somehow smarter and more collected than me. I assumed that the logical male mind meant that all men had a plan, and any proposal that I came up with would be secondary to theirs. It wasn’t until dating around in my early twenties that I realized there were a good deal of men that were (and I say this lovingly) clueless. Sometimes guys want you to take charge and tell them what you want instead of always having the responsibility of doing the planning. It doesn’t matter if we are talking dinner plans or financial plans. Men don’t have all the answers. My assumption that men had those answers always led to me being upset, because I also assumed that men weren’t interested in me when they didn’t completely take charge. Now I know that some guys just need direction on things. In fact, most of the good ones want your direction at least half the time.

If you want to ask me personal questions about your relationship, you can contact me through my website or you can ask on Twitter. Follow me @iamjessmccann to ask about your own dating dilemma.

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Energy Healing

By: Sherry Dmytrewycz

energyhealingWe live in a world where people are moving a mile a minute. We are connecting with others more and more, as the digital age gives us more access to people, feelings, and we come into contact with so many different types of energies. With all that is going on in and around us, we need to be able to keep in balance, be centered and release. As an energy healer, I work with individuals to help them do just that. Sometimes I meet new people who are skeptics, or who don’t understand what I do, why I do it or what the benefits are. So, here you go… I’m going to give you an Energy Healing 101!

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a natural approach to assist patients in healing and releasing issues they may have in four different areas: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It is a holistic approach which focuses on individual’s whole being, not just one aspect of it. Unlike a medical doctor who may treat the outward physical symptoms with drugs or surgery, energy healing goes beyond the symptoms to the root causes of health issues.

What happens during an Energy Healing?

Patients are given the opportunity to share their concerns with the practitioner and to set goals for the session. In addition, an intuitive practitioner will sense areas to work on. Energy is then sent to clear and balance the whole body, including the chakras and, in some cases, the energy is used to structurally realign the body. The process is so soothing that patients may even fall into a restful sleep while the work is done.

What are the tools of an energy practitioner?

All practitioners act as conduits for energies from the Universal Source (God). The energy is focused and used to remove energy blockages. Many consider their approach to be a combination of types of prayers, intuition, and gentle touch. At times, the energy worker may be guided to use crystals, stones, healing holograms, orgonite, colors, music, toning, or tuning forks to facilitate healing and release. Each session is unique and created in response to the patient’s needs, so a combination of tools and various energy healing approaches can be used.

How is the Energy Healing done?

Most healers offer two options. Sessions can be done in person while the patient lies down fully clothed on a table, similar to that used for massage. The work can also be done as distance healing, which enables patients to experience the energy healing from the comfort of their home with the energy being sent to them. Sessions can last from one hour to 90 minutes.

What results can patients expect from Energy Healing?

Patients will feel deeply relaxed and at peace with reduced stress and anxiety. In addition, they will experience relief of some or all of their discomforts. The physical healing processes will be stimulated as a result of the removal of blocks in energy. Repeated sessions have a cumulative effect and, over time, patients notice increasingly positive shifts in their overall health and wellbeing. While energy healing does not replace traditional medicine, it does support, enhance, and complement conventional treatments.

I would love to help you to experience this natural approach to healing soon.

About Dr. Sydney Savion, Author

By: Dr. Sydney Savion


Life is a pilgrimage. The wise man does not rest by the roadside inns. He marches direct to the illimitable domain of eternal bliss, his ultimate destination. ~ Swami Sivananda

My Story

We all have experienced major life changes. Some come with a period of struggle that rock our very foundation, like the death of a loved one, divorce, a job loss, or discovering you have a serious mental health condition. How do you emerge on the other side, not only intact, but stronger, happier, and living a more fulfilling life? I struggled for years with the death of my mother who unexpectedly contracted a heart virus and suffered enormous pain when I was a young girl. She was my anchor and my everything, and even in her suffering she always believed in and lived a life of faith, gratitude, intention, understanding, and peace. She showed me the meaning of Living a Blissful Life. This experience inspired me to study life transition and learn how to achieve a magnified emotional state of joy, fulfilment, and happiness.

What’s Yours?

What’s your idea of bliss? Can you describe that last time you felt bliss? Bliss is that magnified emotional state of joy, personal fulfilment, and happiness. Think back to when you were a young child on your birthday and opening your presents to find exactly what you wanted. All at once, it was a heightened sensation of excitement that overtook you. Or can you recall a time when you came to the rescue of someone in tremendous need and you saw their expression of gratitude? Do you remember how that made you feel? That’s bliss.

Living a Blissful Life is a Journey

Living a blissful life is a journey. You must be active in learning more about bliss and the steps to achieve a blissful life; you have to want to march directly towards a magnified emotional state rather than be someone that rests by the roadside. Our lived experiences are different, and nearly all of them come with major life changes. Some seem overwhelming, like when I lost my mother, but living a blissful life is always achievable. There is no textbook answer for creating bliss. Because our lived experiences are different, each of us has to discover it for ourselves.

Bliss – that sense of joy, fulfilment, and happiness – doesn’t just pop into your life. Want to know how to create a blissful life? Start anew. Focus on bliss one day at a time. This is not to say you will not experience a period of struggle; life can be a zany ride. We have all felt blue. Don’t you dare wait by the roadside and wait for bliss to come to you.

A Blissful Life Within Your Reach

A blissful life is within your reach. However, not everyone is going to experience bliss in the same way. The lens you view life through shapes how you will define your idea of bliss, but imagine living in such an amazing state. The very foundation of achieving bliss rests on believing in and living a life of faith, gratitude, intention, understanding, and peace.

Each day:

  • Focus on what fuels you and lifts up others.
  • Focus on what yields meaning and purpose in your daily life.
  • Pay attention to what you are paying attention to.
  • Check self-centeredness.
  • Converge on love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, humility, and harmony with others.
  • Do more of this.

Perhaps it’s inconceivable that this can be sustained, but you are the architect of the change you desire to see, and you are empowered to create and sustain bliss as you see it.

Although time seems to fly, it never travels faster than one day at a time. Each day is a new opportunity to live your life to the fullest. In each waking day, you will find scores of blessings and opportunities for positive change. Do not let your today be stolen by the unchangeable past or the indefinite future! Today is a new day! ~Dr. Steve Maraboli

One-of-a-kind Design 

By: Lauren Moss

oneofakindImagine yourself, sitting front row at a swanky Washington, D.C. fashion show, gazing at a new collection of beautiful garments moving swiftly down the runway. The show concludes and the designer, Kim Elleen Atkins, presents herself. She is a ravishing young woman who appears right at home when standing on the runway surrounded by her creations. Little does the audience know, she is not your run of the mill fashion designer. By day, Kim works as a journalist covering the Supreme Court for a group of legal businesses and newspapers. By night, she is busy designing and creating pieces for her fashion company known as Kim Elleen. She is a prime example of what can happen when you kick fear to the curb and follow your passion wherever it leads you.

Growing up with a mother who was a seamstress, Kim learned at a young age how to sew and create clothing. In adulthood, she pursued a career as a lawyer and then turned to legal journalism, which she has been thriving at since the year 2000. She had never considered following in her mother’s footsteps until she attended a ball during the most recent presidential inauguration and realized she was wearing the same dress as seven other women. “After that, I started making clothes for myself. I was dissatisfied with the selection of clothes that I was given, especially for special occasions”, said Kim Atkins, designer and creator of Kim Elleen. After creating a few dresses for herself, friends and impressed strangers started requesting custom made clothing from the talented designer. Since 2010, business has been booming and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.

Her garments have been featured in numerous fashion shows around the D.C. area, in magazines such as Brides, Veux, and Luxe, and worn to countless high profile events. She even created the dress worn by Bliss Magazine’s very own superwoman and Publisher, Maimah Karmo, on the cover of this month’s issue. “To make a dress for Maimah was such an honor. I feel like it is a product of the greater D.C. area’s vibrant fashion community and close connection to a lot of charity organizations,” said Atkins when describing how elated she was to have the opportunity to design a custom dress for the cover of Bliss.

Kim’s passion lies in her ability to showcase herself as a custom clothing designer. Unlike men, women often do not have access to custom apparel such as evening wear, wedding gowns, or even one-of-a-kind cocktail dresses. “A proper fit is so important in order to look your best and feel your best in order to project your best self,” explains Atkins. The brand, Kim Elleen, is not solely about the clothes that don the company’s name but about how those clothes make the wearer feel. If a woman puts on one of Kim’s custom designs and gains the confidence to pursue her goals and dreams, then she has accomplished her goal as a designer. Kim Atkins believes that each client is an extraordinarily unique entity that deserves to have a garment that reflects her individual self. “There can be a lot of pressure in the fashion industry, or in any career, to try to label yourself and fit yourself into a category; but if you don’t fit into a category, that’s ok,” said Atkins when expressing why custom fashion designing is so important to allowing women to embrace their individuality.

Fortunately for the fashion world, when the going gets tough, Kim Elleen Atkins keeps going. She has endured many sleepless nights in order to meet deadlines. She has stood her ground when people tried to stray her from her unique vision. She has succeeded in a world that believes you can only pursue one career at a time. Kim is a mover and a shaker that never lets fear or doubt hold her down. “By keeping my mind open and keeping myself open to big possibilities, big things came out of it,” said Atkins. “Be open to the universe of possibilities!” Kim Atkins embodies what living a life of bliss is all about; confidence, strength, and perseverance. Until her next fashion show or magazine appearance, I am certain that Kim will continue to spread her message of positivity one dress at a time.

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