Divorce Corner: Dear Cynthia

by Cynthia Battino

In this column Cynthia will answer your emotionally based and general questions about divorce. Cynthia is a life coach and energy worker who specializes in working with people considering, going through, or stuck after divorce. To ask Cynthia a question about divorce, you can email her at: cindy@transform-heal.com. You can also email Bliss Magazine: editor@blissmagazine.net

Dear Cynthia:

I went from a full time mom before my divorce to now a working mom. Summer is coming and my children will be home all day. Without just shoving them onto their friends’ families, what can you suggest I do for care this summer? Sad Mom Missing Fun Summers

Dear Cynthia:

I am a newly divorced dad and I will have my kids for a few consecutive weeks in the summer. I can only take one week off for vacation. What do I do? Single, Summer Dad

Dear Sad Mom Missing Fun Summers & Single, Summer Dad:

This is an adjustment for all parents and kids who had a working parent and a full time caregiving parent. I have many suggestions and hope some of them work for you.

Happy African American Father and Mixed Race Son Playing with Paper Airplanes in the Park.

There are lots and lots of summer camps to choose from. There are art camps, sports camps, all around camps, horseback riding camps, tech and science camps (check out George Mason’s cool camps), and even cooking camps (Cookology and more). Find out what your kids love to do and book the weeks ASAP. The great camps fill up quickly. Don’t know what camps are in your area? Google it!

Want part or full time care? Put an ad at NOVA or George Mason. Look on Care.com or bring an au pair in from Europe to teach your kids a new language (aupairworld.com). Share a nanny with your ex or another person in your same boat. You can even put an ad in your HOA newsletter for just graduating seniors from high school who want to earn some money this summer. If you choose this route, make sure the sitters have lots of rules and tools. Make a list of all the things you would like your children to do, where they can, who they can spend time with. If your sitter has a driver’s license and you trust them, there is Washington, DC to explore, putt putt golf, batting cages, picnics, the Baltimore Acquarium, and the National Zoo – to just name a few.

No worries. Kids will still have lots of fun this summer if planned well and planned in advance! Get on your computers and let your fingers sprint across the keyboard to find the best camps and help for your kids this and every summer.


Cynthia Battino is a Life Coach, Healer & Separation/Divorce Specialist, author and speaker. Her company, Transformational Healing, specializes in working with people going through life crisis, specifically separation/divorce. She has written a healthy divorce workbook, You Were In Love, Once Upon A Time, which you can find on her website: www.transform-heal.com.

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