Dapper Duds: From the Courtroom to the Runway

 By: Lauren Moss

Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss – these three fashion pioneers have near perfected the art of men’s suit making. The world has fallen in love with their garments for their luxurious aspects and flawless craftsmanship. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of consumers are able to afford the hefty price tag that comes along with their brand’s high-end apparel. That’s where D.C. designer Sim Khan and his custom men’s clothing company, Brimble & Clark, come into play. Khan and his team of talented suitmakers boast supreme tailoring and impeccable fit in every one of their custom garments at a price point more suited for the everyday mogul. Recognized as one of “DC’s most influential leaders under 40” and praised by NBC TV’s Fashion Star as well as actress Rachel Bilson, this up and coming designer is taking over the fashion world one tailor-made suit at a time.

Even though he may seem at home in the design room, Sim Khan, CEO of Brimble & Clark, has not always been the budding fashion guru that he is today. He worked as an attorney in Washington, D.C. for years before he realized his true calling. After browsing the web for courtroom ready attire, he realized that the market was lacking a way to purchase custom suits online without the hassle of going into a shop for endless fittings. Khan, being the game changer that he is, shook things up a bit. He created a clothing company that does on location consultations and fittings in order to completely eliminate the hassle that typically comes along with ordering custom suits. Men no longer have to leave their home or office to receive the five star treatment that so many come to expect when ordering tailored garments. The risk in creating a first of its kind business was huge but Khan accepted the challenge with open arms and dove in headfirst. “I think that achieving anything big always involves two things: working harder than the next guy and being willing to risk everything to achieve it,” said Khan.

Lucky for him, and his clients, the risk paid off tenfold. He has created a nationally recognized men’s formalwear brand that creates bespoke suits for business executives, lawyers, and style savvy gents all across the country. Brimble & Clark’s one of a kind suits have even attracted the attention and made customers out of dozens of globally know celebrities such as American DJ and Producer Diplo, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Twilight star Booboo Stewart, and NFL quarterback for the Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins, among many others. Even after gaining such an impressive following, Khan is able to keep a humble confidence about his newfound success in the business. “I started this company with no connections in the clothing business and no idea how to start one. I was just a guy with an idea that I really believed in,” said Khan when telling of his challenges in trying to become an entrepreneur. Going from the courtroom to the runway may not be the typical route to take when trying to succeed in the fashion industry but Khan is forging his own path and is proving his talent to the world along the way.

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Photos by: Daniel Nathan

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