Energy Healing

By: Sherry Dmytrewycz

energyhealingWe live in a world where people are moving a mile a minute. We are connecting with others more and more, as the digital age gives us more access to people, feelings, and we come into contact with so many different types of energies. With all that is going on in and around us, we need to be able to keep in balance, be centered and release. As an energy healer, I work with individuals to help them do just that. Sometimes I meet new people who are skeptics, or who don’t understand what I do, why I do it or what the benefits are. So, here you go… I’m going to give you an Energy Healing 101!

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a natural approach to assist patients in healing and releasing issues they may have in four different areas: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It is a holistic approach which focuses on individual’s whole being, not just one aspect of it. Unlike a medical doctor who may treat the outward physical symptoms with drugs or surgery, energy healing goes beyond the symptoms to the root causes of health issues.

What happens during an Energy Healing?

Patients are given the opportunity to share their concerns with the practitioner and to set goals for the session. In addition, an intuitive practitioner will sense areas to work on. Energy is then sent to clear and balance the whole body, including the chakras and, in some cases, the energy is used to structurally realign the body. The process is so soothing that patients may even fall into a restful sleep while the work is done.

What are the tools of an energy practitioner?

All practitioners act as conduits for energies from the Universal Source (God). The energy is focused and used to remove energy blockages. Many consider their approach to be a combination of types of prayers, intuition, and gentle touch. At times, the energy worker may be guided to use crystals, stones, healing holograms, orgonite, colors, music, toning, or tuning forks to facilitate healing and release. Each session is unique and created in response to the patient’s needs, so a combination of tools and various energy healing approaches can be used.

How is the Energy Healing done?

Most healers offer two options. Sessions can be done in person while the patient lies down fully clothed on a table, similar to that used for massage. The work can also be done as distance healing, which enables patients to experience the energy healing from the comfort of their home with the energy being sent to them. Sessions can last from one hour to 90 minutes.

What results can patients expect from Energy Healing?

Patients will feel deeply relaxed and at peace with reduced stress and anxiety. In addition, they will experience relief of some or all of their discomforts. The physical healing processes will be stimulated as a result of the removal of blocks in energy. Repeated sessions have a cumulative effect and, over time, patients notice increasingly positive shifts in their overall health and wellbeing. While energy healing does not replace traditional medicine, it does support, enhance, and complement conventional treatments.

I would love to help you to experience this natural approach to healing soon.

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