HRP: A Musical Awakening

By: Dr. Celia Im

HRPHarmonic Resonance Process or HRP is a unique self-actualization program that uses especially composed piano music in combination with creative visualization and mindful inquiry to open up a powerful connection between the mind and the body. Evolving through three stages of development – Heal, Create, Actualize – HRP provides an effective means to gain a deeper understanding of one’s life’s path, take action to accomplish long-term goals and enjoy overall enhanced wellbeing.

The following is a synopsis of the first stage of this therapy between Dr. Celia Im and ‘Client Z.”

Dr. Im: In the “Heal” stage, we release old patterns in the body, emotions and mind, so that we can begin to create what we want in our lives in the second stage (“Create”), and bring that vision into reality in the third (“Actualize”).

Client Z, for example, came to do HRP work because she wanted confidence to move forward in an exciting new career opportunity. As we explored the feelings holding her back, she began to realize layers of fear of offending others, of being successful and showing her real self.   She also had come to understand later in life that she had been adopted when she was a young child, and wondered if this familiar fear was related to the family secret that was held from her.

As client Z worked with the gentle music, focusing on her body in a relaxed state, she began to unwind old holding patterns in her body.  She released deeply held anger in the stomach, cold fear in the upper chest, and holding in her jaws. As her body cleared and lightened, she saw an image of herself as a young dancer and felt a glimpse of freedom from the layers of fear and regret.

In the second session, she sensed a fog that was heavy, grey, and sad.  As she let the music interact with the fog, it turned to rain, and she cried long-held tears held in her body.  The image of a soaring hawk emerged, she remembered her own strength, and sensed that she knew exactly where she was going.  I knew that her fear was turning into courage, confidence and strength.

In the third session, she remembered the fear of her mother’s anger and words that left her feeling of being unwanted, blamed for mother’s problems, and the belief that she was not worthy.   Understanding now that her mother was hiding a secret of her adoption, she was then able to let her own adult self connect lovingly with her young self and correct the belief.   “Am I worthy?” became “I am worthy.”  In a moment of honesty and real courage, she realized that she had to choose to let go of the excuses and familiar patterns if she really wanted to be free and confident.    

How often does fear occur just as we decide to move toward something we want? It is difficult to overcome fear with the thinking, rational mind.   As with client Z, the HRP music and dialogue helped her to move from “Fear to Courage” by feeling what she really felt beneath the surface and choosing her true self of strength and confidence.   In just a three sessions, she was beginning to be open to hope and possibility where she had been stuck. With more work ahead of her in a 12-session series, she was well on her way to transforming her small self into her powerful, big self.

Client “Z”: I went to see Dr. Celia Im on the recommendation of a friend. During the session Dr. Im asked me to close my eyes and tune in to the music. Almost immediately, images of myself as a dancer appeared and ‘her’ simple joy and freedom in dancing made me cry. With Dr. Im’s prompting, I also was able to release years of regret for not following up on the dream of wanting to be a dancer. Many similar instances were dealt with throughout the next couple of sessions, but the third one was the most powerful. Until then I had no recollection of my younger self until around 5 years of age. Suddenly in the music, I heard my mother’s voice saying: “My life would have been so much easier, if I hadn’t had her.” I finally understood why I felt I was never enough.

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