I hate photographs

by: Rohan Chary

I hate photographs
We try to capture
Summer nights
Whose faces are haphazardly splattered with white dots of other worlds
We try to capture
Trees so tall that they tickle the soft underbelly of the clouds

We try to capture the majesty of everything around us
We try to jam them
Down the throats
Of those with no
Passion for that moment which the light had captured,
and we lose them
In that dark cavern
Of online “friends”
Who we barely know.

I hate when great moments are ignored
When they’re left to fade in the flicker of flashes
When we chose to see larger than life sights through those small seductive screens

We dream in brushstrokes
Not pixels
Strokes of surreal hues
And vibrant views
Shimmering reds and blues

I hate when people don’t realize
Every tweet of morning birds
Every shimmering orange sunset
Every time we feel validation or happiness without the prompt of a “like” is a victory

It may not be a big one
 every one of us should hold an internal parade in honor of every battle won
In the war against sadness
Against stress
Against emotional dependence on those small seductive screens
Every one of us should hold a parade for those rare mornings that we look in a mirror and say
Today I feel good

Rohan Chary is a sixteen year old Virginian high school junior who lives with both of his parents and his four-year-old dog. Rohan enjoys playing video games with friends, listening to music, and watching movies. His favorite movies include the Troll film series and the Shrek film series. Shrek Forever After is his favorite film of all time. Rohan’s favorite musical artists include Smash Mouth and John Cena, whose meaningful and intricate lyrics provide consistent inspiration for Rohan’s poetry.

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