Running after my funny dreams…

By: Davine Ker

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Davine Ker

The day I started running, my outlook on life completely changed. Running taught me endurance, resilience, but mostly, it taught me that I was enough. That me alone, from within myself, I could draw my own fuel, transform, without relying on anyone else or anything. No equipment. No gym subscriptions. Just me. And the pavement. And my own thoughts. It became my motivation. I discovered my true strengths. I amazed myself and learned to compete against myself. Beat my previous distances. Break my own records. One step at a time. One mile at a time. Many smiles at a time. It became quickly addictive once my running yielded positive results, on my body, my mind. It made me feel light, strong, accomplished and relaxed. I felt the runner’s high and it made me say Hello to the Universe. I got amazing support. At times, I felt like the poster child for curvy girls. “If Davine can run, we can too” (paraphrasing: “Since she is heavy and doing it…”). But it was okay. I was so happy running. Especially after getting very ill, a few years previous to that, where I didn’t think I would be able to do anything physically challenging anymore. I remembered going through all these surgeries on my breast while they were trying to figure what type of infection I had. I remembered the way I felt when I was this medical mystery, for over four months, while I was thirty weeks pregnant with my second child. I remembered worrying about how I would take care of my oldest son, who has just turned three back then. I remembered the fear I felt when the storm poured strongly over my family, while, at that very same time, my husband found out his entire department was getting cut and he would lose his job. We only had one income. With a brand new baby on the way. I thought I was going to be so ill I would end up leaving all of them behind. I never thought our lives would turn around and I would end up down the road, running towards my goals. I thought the only time I would run was towards the ice cream truck. And there I was, running three times a week, feeling stronger than ever. And at peace.

I barely run anymore these days. I am having a hard time maintaining my running schedule. Once the days became too humid to run, I fell off the wagon. I didn’t sweat it. But I joined a new gravy boat instead. I allowed myself to agree with my thoughts, and yearnings. I decided to tune into my own rhythm. Tune into my hidden voices. And share my voice. I started doing comedy. It all started as a bet, at first, thrown from a sweet friend. After ranting to her about some of my personal baggage and ongoing rants about things that weighed me down, preventing me from taking off. And I surprised myself telling her how much I wanted to do comedy, but never dared to consider it. This industry is a whole joke after all…Well, it surely would be according to my parents for sure. I could already imagine my parents say “Had we known you would choose to become a clown, we would have left you in the jungle back when we fled Cambodia, running way from the Communist regiment. Had we known, we wouldn’t have risked our lives, running away with a crying baby blah, blah, blah. We would have left you with the tigers instead.” This was the kind of cynical humor I grew up around. Because, obviously, I did not become a doctor. Well, mom and dad. This is me now. Trying to save the world. One joke at a time. Because the world is a better place when we can all laugh.

My life has completely transformed. I myself, has morphed into this bold person who isn’t trying to bend over backward in attempt to please everyone anymore. I am not italic anymore. Not bending backward anymore. Bold it is. Bold I am. I went from my regular routine of avoiding stepping on Legos into letting go. I used the bravery and channeled into my strength that I have earned from my running experience into venturing into this exciting journey of comedy. Now, here I am, dancing my life into this new comedy workout, hitting open mics and appearing on comedy showcases. And feeling the new adrenaline. From my runner’s high into this comedy high. Hello world. Here I come. :)

Having received the life time achievement award for snappy shoes and dress styles from PC world magazine, Comedian Davine Ker is leading the anti-vaccine movement against computer viruses. Davine makes a point of swimming the Potomac river every morning before performing on stage so her jokes are always clean.  Her motto is “Give a kid spaghetti dinner for breakfast and he’ll never cry at lunchtime.” Be sure to like her Facebook page by clicking here.

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