Joy Kingsley-Ibeh, is an international Public Image and Style Expert who specializes in helping women live their best lives through confidence building. She is also a Model, TV Host/Correspondent, and Fashion Event Planner. She is a former Professional Volleyball player who brings her competitive leadership and team work approach to all aspects of her life and career. She has been featured in the following magazines; I AM Modern, Global Women, AT&T, Fashion Washington, Washington Life and Copa Style for her fashion expertise as well as gracing the covers as a top model.She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from George Mason University, where she majored in Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting. Joy started her image consulting business four years ago with the purpose of helping women love themselves again, this birthed her tag line “Fall in love with you again”. Her goal is to reintroduce confidence and style into the lives of her client base ranging from stay-at-home moms, working professionals, athletes, and entertainment professionals. Joy is passionate about helping women find their inner and outer beauty by providing a total physical and mental make over. She is focused on spreading her message; “Me First”, to show women that it’s ok to love themselves, look great, be confident, bold and beautiful and above all, put “Me First”. In her workshops she teaches women how to dress for success in their personal and professional lives, walk elegantly and sexily, pose for pictures, exude proper etiquette, strengthen public speaking skills, as well as providing health and fitness advice with other tools necessary for a successful and happier life.Overcoming the pain of losing her father and eldest brother through gun violence at such an early age, Joy struggled with the emotional scars it left behind. These losses shaped so many aspects of her life, and is the motivating force that pushes her to continue to spread her message and to help women who battle their own emotional scars, by bringing style, confidence, and beauty back into their lives…there is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman!!