Misti Burmeister is a force of nature, single-handedly shaking the noise out of leadership development and making it authentic and far more valuable. A serial innovator, she was an early subject matter expert on generational leadership before introducing her groundbreaking work on “measurable greatness.”

She was honored as the first American to be selected for the Peter Drucker International Essay Contest, her essay placed fourth globally. Burmeister was recognized by the Washington Business Journal as a “Women who Mean Business.” She was selected as a finalist for the Elizabeth Dole Young Entrepreneur Scholarship for outstanding leadership in her community and entrepreneurial ventures.

Misti Burmeister has written four books on leadership, communication, performance and generational collaboration. She is a best-selling author who pierces our armor as she enlightens us about vision-challenged leaders, how to capitalize on the crazy, the way inspiration spreads, passion, leadership and most of all, provoking greatness.

Through her unique and proven system for measuring greatness, she has helped dozens of leaders not only provoke greatness, but leave a lasting legacy. The net result of her work; a significant increase in passion, performance and productivity. Burmeister’s unique methods are based on her experience working with dozens of leaders over the past 10+ years.

Burmeisters’ educational background includes two bachelor’s degrees in psychology and kinesiology and a master’s degree in communication from The University of Northern Colorado.

To learn more about how Misti can help your organization measure your greatness, please contact her directly: 240.401.4397, or email at mb@MeasurableGreatness.com