Olivia Stallings, a 35 year old single mother of 3 amazing young men. The oldest is Brian at 17 years old, the middle is Evan at 9 years old, and the youngest is Justin at the age of 3. Originally born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, she later moved to the Northern Virginia area as a teenager. She always had an interest in writing since she was a young child. She spent most of her childhood writing several short stories and plays for school. She has wanted to be an author since the age of 7 and one day inspires to write her first book. In the meantime, she has contributed many articles to several online magazines as well as her own personal blog.

Olivia enjoys writing articles based on events from her own life, which enables her to offer her readers “lessons learned”. She writes about challenges and victories; and finds humor in even some of the darker areas of her life. Those who find her writings capturing can count on her to be authentic and relatable. She has a habit of saying things that most people only think about, but never share with others. She challenges her readers to think about different scenarios of any given topic and is always analytical in her approach. If we were to sum up this author in one word, we would say she is simply real.

When she is not writing, Olivia enjoys working as an independent government consultant. She also enjoys spending quality time with her three children, who she considers her life’s biggest blessings. Her hobbies include reading, spending time at the mountains, listening to music, and horseback riding.