Robyn’s expertise includes coaching tools and techniques that empower clients to discover the answers within, creating clarity and thus taking action to achieve their goals as they evolve and enhance their lives.  I believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Her passion is guiding people to their own innate wisdom.  She offers individual and groups coaching sessions, workshops, retreats, tele-courses and teaches yoga in Northern Virginia.

Robyn’s commitment to you is to help you find your voice and speak your truth. She welcomes an opportunity to help you identify and refine your goals; develop effective strategies for reaching them, and to inspire you to create your life with passion and excitement.  As your coach/facilitator she will help you move beyond self-limiting thoughts and behaviors by asking the hard questions and empowering you to find those answers within yourself.

“You know what I love about life?  Every day, every moment is an opportunity to face my fears, to embrace challenges, to change my path, to stay on my path, to make amends, to laugh, to cry, to begin again.”  ~Robyn Povich

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